Unhappy, driven by fury and thirst for self -destruction, Nastasya Filippovna Barashkova from Dostoevsky’s novel “Idiot” causes complex feelings in us. What and why – we understand with a psychologist.

It is difficult to feel sincere sympathy for Natali Filippovna. The beauty, whose border organization of the psyche allows her to live only in a storm of passions, also draws us into a whirlwind of affects, non -velogic and excessive from the point of view of a third -party observer. And therefore, our feelings and attitude towards her are also changeable: we emphasize its pain, learning her childish traumatic story with early molestation and use, we admire her ability to subordinate everyone around his will, then we are perplexed, observing her inconsistency and passion for destruction.

Like all borderline organized people, she does not worry about her drama – she plays her in the hope of weakening pain, getting satisfaction, finding peace. Her torment, rage and thirst for self -destruction are so great that they cannot be recycled mentally, they break out outside and capture everyone who approaches her. All heroes become representations of different parts of her psyche, and therefore all of them are needed, it is impossible to get rid of them, and they cannot leave it, being captured by the important role that they unconsciously play.

And each of them also has its own “Nastasya Filippovna” – a deceived, suffering, incapable of love. She speaks and does everything that they would like, but do not dare. Therefore, they so fascinated follow her and become witnesses of drama played to the tragic finale, unable to save her or themselves from a fierce desire to punish at least someone for a broken fate.

They are among us

You will meet people with a border organization almost everywhere. They draw you into your life and history, unconsciously forcing you to be those who you were not even going. You can save them, love, give them the last shirt, but, if you should make at least a little of what was not expected, you will be immediately anathematized: in the easiest version, they will be deadly and will not want to deal with you, in a difficult- they can take revenge, trying to take all the pain for you for internal devastation.

They capture you, in their field you live in peak experiences: love – so to the coffin, passion – so heaven will tremble, if grief, then fatal, if rage, then murderous. They do not manage either their lives or their affects, and it will be difficult for you to at least manage something in this whirlwind of emotions and drives.

If you are tired of your boring, built and predictable life, then Nastasya Filippovna will certainly draw on your horizon. The best we can do is to find her

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and get to know her inside, otherwise it will happen outside and no longer by our will.

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